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Népi Művészetek Háza 3400 Mezőkövesd, Kisjankó Bori u. 5.

Telefon: 49-411-686

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Népi Művészetek Háza 3400 Mezőkövesd, Kisjankó Bori u. 5.

Telefon: 49-411-686



The „Matyó” Folkart Association is located in the centre of one of Hungary’s most outstanding cities, Mezőkövesd. It was established in 1991, and since then it has had the esteemed task of developing and passing on the beautiful folkart values of the Matyó people. The association is located in a preserved area of the city called the „Hadas”, where there are a great number of thatched-roof houses remaining where we can find many handicrafters and artisans keeping the traditions of the locals. In this area of the town, many workshops and camps are held for both locals and guests so that they can also learn and appreciate the handwork which goes into the crafts which is located next to the Táncpajta (Dancehall).

The association has more than 100 members who participate in different activities including dancing, embroidery, woodwork and many other handicrafts.


The „Matyó” Folkdance Ensemble


For over 60 years ensemble has been collecting and performing the rich traditions, dances and colourful costumes of the „Matyó” people. They are a nationally recognized group who performs locally, throughout Hungary and abroad as well. They perform not only dances from the Matyó region but also dances from all regions of the former Hungary. Their hope is that through their performances they can manage to keep the traditions alive.


The „Borsóka” Embroidery Group


When one hears the word „Matyó”, many immediately envision beautiful, colourful and intricate embroidery. This group works towards maintaining these beautiful patterns and colours which are native to this area of Hungary. They also learn and re-do patterns and styles from other areas of Hungary. The executive of the group and many members participated and won in the „Kisjankó Bori” embroidery contest which was held in 2004.


The Handicraft Goup


It is an organization which from the beginning has supported not only the handicrafts but also the heritage of the handicrafts. The artisans of the handicraft group use the traditional decorations in many different ways. They are masters of their trades and have often done well in many competitions. Many of these masters work in the „Hadas”area and their magnificent pieces can be viewed while they are at work. They organize fairs, camps and exhibitions which can be viewed by all who come to visit.


Our events


The Folkart Association has many events which they organize throughout the year. The dance ensemble has been performing the „Matyó” wedding for over 50 years. It is now performed in the Dancehall. One of the highlights of the festival year is the „Matyóföldi” Folklore Festival which is held on the first weekend in August every year. It is three days filled with many different dancers form many different parts of the world showcasing their exotic and exciting dances and crafts to thousands of onlookers. Along these there are many groups from Hungary showing their best. The Pentecost programs are especially directed to the young so that they can take part and learn the traditions of this time of the year. Every third year an exhibition from the „Szászrózsás” Contest is organized showcasing a variety of the local embroidery.

Our association is also involved with other organizations in planning the „Matyó Easter”, „Kisjankó Bori” Embroidery Contest, and the „King Mátyás Renaissance Festival”.

On top of all this, our association regularly organizes exhibitions, camps, conferences, concerts and fairs for all the fans of Hungarian Folkart.





Matyó Folkart Association

H-3400 Mezőkövesd, Kisjankó Bori Street 5. Hungary

Tel./fax: 0036-49-411-686